Service & Expertise

National and international service: Paintings – Sculptures – Antiques


Preliminary appraisal

Fast preliminary appraisal of artwork and advice on how to proceed further. Expert opinion before and after purchasing art online e.g. at online auctions like ebay. More…



Appraisal of artwork in a collection and estate.
Investigation on values at home and in the collection prior to divorce, separation and bakruptcy. More…


Damage assessment

Preservation of evidence, extensive examination of the damage and the damage causation. Calculation of the loss in value in case of dispute and insurance claim. More…


Condition and condition reporting

Examination of the condition of an artwork with a statement about the original substance, the remaining original substance and later changes. Condition reporting before transport and loan. More…



Research on and revelation of the authorship of an artwork of unknown artists. Identification and clarification of illegible , overpainted or damaged signatures and labels. More…


Expert opinion on authenticity

Research on authenticity and forgery detection. Examination of artwork with focus on art technology and technical art history. More…


Appraisal of the previous value of an artwork

Preliminary and final appraisal of the current value and the previous value of a collection or an artwork in GDR compensation and NS restitution cases.


Additional expertise

Expert for artwork of the German painter Christian Schad (1894-1982).